Why and how

So I was in the end cubicle of the public toilets, close to my netball match, already strapped for time, unable to move and wondering what set me off this time. When I decided to make this blog.

Hello there, my name is Laura. I haven’t always had to eat at home as going out resulted in anxiety and days of pain and uncomfort. I used to eat cake and my favourite was chocolate brownie…hmmm…

Then I had a child! From conception my little guy was trouble and it seems as though my digestive sytem took the beating.

The list of foods I know I cant eat under on pain of poo ( yes I know poo puns!)








coconut water



Unfiltered tap water

Squash or flavoured water


Now this is not a ‘poor me blog’. Its not a ‘my IBS is worse than yours’.

Its a ‘your not alone’ blog. Its a ‘while yr bum explodes read something funny but real’ blog.

Enjoy and don’t forget to follow and contact me with your stories.


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