Inconvenient timing

Ok so here we are, organising go to the beach. Ive wanted to go for ages and we have finally picked an evening and taking a picnic! Yay! Dip in the sea here I come! I am so happy!

I have my beach dress on, done the house work and ate what I would call a very friendly low FODMAP lunch to make sure we have no suprises…

Now here I am stuck on the toilet making noises similar to a waterfall after cramping painfully for an hour. How did it all go so wrong so quick?! I hate feeling on top of the world one minuite to being stuck on the toilet in pain the next.

I think I have found another food that I have to avoid. Tomatoe Puree. Urgh.

Now to decide if I risk it and go to the beach or be miserable and call it off… Hey, theres no decision there! I’m off to the beach, fingers crossed for no accidents. I will not let this condition have me home bound!

What would you do?

I hope you have not let your condition or illness take over your life too much. Staying positive is the only way for me. As much as possible anyway…Sending hugs if you need one as always. Wish me luck xx


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