White Sauce – It’s EASY!

I literally cannot belive just how easy it is to make a white sause for my fish pie!!

I wanted to share this with you all as it is such a life saver with me and my oh so bland dinners! It is really forgiving because if it’s still too runny, just add more flour! I never measure ingredients. I just make a bit and if I need more I’ll make some more!

How to make a white sause;

  1. Put milk on boil with herbs (used mixed herbs if you want easy!)
  2. In a different pan melt some butter and then add sprinkles of flour while stirring until it forms a paste
  3. If you have time and/or patience take milk off the heat and leave for 20mins
  4. I never do so I just added the paste to the milk as soon as it was ready
  5. Keep stirring and after a few minutes see it thicken!
  6. VOILA


I made this white sauce and then got some frozen fish pie mix and cooked in the the white sauce. Put with some salad and mashed potatoes. BOOM! An easy and tasty dinner. For me a tasty dinner is just so hard to achieve due to my food restrictions. It’s a WIN for me!



I hope this helps someone else have a tasty dinner! Here is the free from ingredients I used-


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