Overcome Fear


So I know the nice weather has got us all excited and digging out our summer wear. But I worry what this heat does to the more body conscious of us all. Winter is when people are meant to get S.A.D but I wouldn’t mind betting in this heat, some are not feeling so positive either.


Imagine having a rubbish body image (most of us don’t need to imagine!) No, I don’t mean just being on the large side. I mean feeling genuinely sick at the thought of being seen naked by a partner or wearing a strappy top. Maybe you feel you are too thin. Or too broad on the shoulders. Or maybe you hate the way your knees look so you never wear skirts or dresses.


This constant heat is almost taking our choice away to cover up. Its just too hot to be in trousers or a hoodie. Thus making us far more self aware and perhaps anxious or sad about our appearance.

My question to you is, why don’t you like your appearance? It is because your next door neighbour can strut her stuff in a bikini without having her butt eat the back of the pants? Is your mate happier to take his top off in the park and you know your stomach doesn’t look as toned as his? Maybe you cant even bare to think about exposing your arms because they are too white, too bony, too flappy?

My reply. The courage to accept you and your body only lies with you. Do you think the next door neighbour doesn’t have a few hang ups about her body? Maybe your mate only feels comfortable sitting in a few ideal positions with his top off and is actually uncomfortable keeping his stomach flat.

We all live busy lives and most of us will not notice the small details that we notice about ourselves. We might be too busy stressing over our own insecurities to notice anyone else.

There will be a few who might notice and even maybe mention it to a friend or even loud enough for you to hear. but know this, if they are searching to find fault in other people, they most certainly are not happy with themselves. They do not know the freedom of acceptance.


Whatever you are insecure about on your body. I dare you to take one scary moment. to jump to the side of confidence, if only for 5mins. Prove to yourself you are not restricted by others impressions of you. I do this daily to remind myself that the image you build up in your head is much scarier than the actual thing.


I believe in you and you are not alone. The negative people cannot control our actions if we do not give them the power. Love to you all. But most importantly, love yourself.xx




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